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The story I heard was that Camp Brunonia was started by Dave Mishel in the 1930's. The first campers spent summers building the cabins.
     I attended from 1956 to 1966, except for a few years at summer school :-(
     My last year was as counselor with John Demhoff in Bunk 7. I later heard that after that year the drug situation got so bad that Dave sold the camp rather than continue participating in an institution having any of that element.
     It then became Camp Samoset 2, which my son attended.
     The government made the camp install a HUGE sewage treatment system in the center of camp. It looked like a giant hill partially obstructing the view of the lake from the upper cabins.
     In 1989 I was contacted about a Camp Brunonia reunion. Someone rented the camp June 9-11, 1989, just before the camping season started. We spent a weekend eating in the mess hall, sleeping in the cabins, and reliving camp experiences with old aquaintances. And we got a Camp Brunonia hat, shirt, pin, song sheets, etc. Spud Shapiro and Dave Mishel Jr. were there.

Harris Kenner
camper and counselor

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Mail Call

From Richard Goldman 52-55'
Hi Harris- I stumbled upon your website and always love to swap old camp stories.  I attended Brunonia from 1952-1955. I left after that to Join Henry Hacker, Henry Lesser, and Billy Hacker at Camp Cedar. I was also at the reunion in 1989, it was a cold and wet Weekend.  You know you are getting old when the reunion was 15 years ago.  I can't help but think most of the legendary stories involve Charlie Guber.  Over the years I have kept in contact with Doc Lampert, the Karofskys, and many others. I think the pictures are great. Please keep me on your contact list.